tada dump

15 02 2008

Feeling overwhelmed. Yesterday I got a job offer to do a documentary in Plymouth, Mass. I moved here from Plymouth, so it will be neat to go back there for 12 days of work. The subject is the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. Miles Standish and Massasoit. I performed in a dinner theater in Plymouth. The musical was called, Tall Hat (Name for Miles Standish) and Yellow Feather (name for Massasoit). The first 3 days of filming will take place 5 minutes away from my step daughter and her family. Cool beans. Grandbaby fix coming up. These are some fun connections about this project.

I am thinking about wigs, hair extensions, packing equipment, packing clothes, Ed is coming with me, someone to keep Daisy while Bella travels with us, breaking down script, hiring a hairstylist who can work with wigs, buying fresh glue for extension and wigs…. AND talking with the producers about the contract tomorrow. Must secure travel dates.

My mind feels like I will never settle down and shut the thoughts off tonight. My chamomile tea is of no effect. Thank God for sweet Ed who laid his hands on my shoulders and prayed that God would give me peace.

Thanks for letting me dump this.



2 responses

15 02 2008

Hey – I remember that production! what fun! 😉
Have fun & be sure to enjoy the kids. Give everyone our love too.
Miss you guys!


17 02 2008
Deep Thoughts… Maybe » Week in review

[…] have 18 folks headed to UNLEASHED. We had 20, but Coni told me today that she and Ed had a schedule conflict. They want us to give the spots to someone […]


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