Tribute to Frank Capra, Jr.

13 02 2008


Frank Capra III is pictured here at Thalian Hall where a memorial was held for his father, Frank Capra, Jr. The memorial was lovely as some of Mr Capra’s friends and colleagues from the film community and from UNCW shared their memories of this man.

I did not know Mr. Capra on a personal level except to say hello to him whenever we happened to meet around town or at the studio. I have worked with his son Jonathan on a few occasions and I think Jon is delightful. He has always been helpful and treated me with respect. It was out of my respect for Jonathan and the Dad that raised him to be such a good young man that I attended this memorial. I left Thalian Hall wishing that I had known Mr. Capra better in his lifetime. I left knowing that his friends and family, the film community and college staff at UNCW had lost a valuable friend. He left a mark on those who knew him.

Rest in peace Mr. Capra. You are well respected, sir.



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13 02 2008

How bout that flash photography?


13 02 2008

shhhhh. 🙂


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