Grammies Shmammies

11 02 2008

We need a new category for the Grammies. How about SLACKER PERFORMANCE of the evening? The winner has to be Kid Rock. When you are given the opportunity to sing Old Black Magic with the legendary likes of Keely Smith… to emulate a song that she sang with Louie Prima… and you don’t even have the respect to learn the lyrics????? He left Keely hanging and she still had the class and the talent to pull the song out of the burning embers. I have to confess that Kid Rock has never been more than a blip on my radar before last night. I am more impressed with Keely, who was far ahead of her time and still has class and decorum, than I could ever be with some punk who doesn’t have enough respect for the musicians who actually learned how to perform and knew how to entertain folks.

That being said, I really enjoyed Amy Winehouse. Her talent shines through and I am so glad that she performed, Rehab. Personally, I never got invited to rehab, but I am quite sure that I would also have said “no, no, no.” I only hope that she can clean up her life enough to enjoy her celebrity. Addicts fear losing their creative edge if they get clean and sober, but I am here to declare that it ain’t so. We are more creative when we have our full faculties. In some cases we are more annoying too. At any rate, I am pulling for Amy.

The 10 minutes or so of Gospel that aired near the end of the show was almost worth staying tuned for. I have to admit that I switched between the Grammies and “Move that bus” (whatever the name of that show is). Israel Houghton and New Breed were brilliant. I was a bit disappointed in Aretha and Beebee. Maybe I expected too much.

What did you think? Who was your favorite?



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