8 02 2008


Anyone recognize this guy?

The girl is my friend and sister in the Lord, Sara. She is the make up artist on the 700 Club and this gentleman was a recent guest. He shared his testimony of how he came to accept Jesus as his Lord through a tragedy in his life. When we come to the end of ourselves, there is a compassionate, loving Savior Who has been with us all along.

I know God had His hand on me way before I ever thought about Him. There are a few events in my life that could easily have ended my life but God had a plan for me. I am no more special than anyone else in this world. This is why I know He has a plan for you too.

My friend Sara is a special lady too. God put a love in my heart for her that was beyond my understanding. I watched a good portion of the struggle she has gone through to come to the place of realizing there is more to life. I am honored that she gives me credit for showing her the Love of Jesus. I know that other people had planted seeds of faith in Sara along the way. I sure am glad that God allowed me to be a positive part of her testimony. When I see Sara at her church or on her job at CBN I know that God is still in the miracle business. Her life has taken a huge turn for the better. She is married to a good man and she has a good life in Virginia. It was sweet to get to spend some time with her on that job we did last week.

So, I’ve given you some time, do you know who the guest is? Leave me a comment.

James 4:8 Come near to God and He will come near to you.



2 responses

9 02 2008

Is that Tony Orlando from Tony Orlando and Dawn? If not, he could be his brother! Tie a ribbon around the old oak tree! 🙂


9 02 2008
Sara Lea

I know!!! I know!!! Oh, you weren’t asking me, were you!!!


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