Are you a dreamer?

7 02 2008


Much like the change in weather indicates a change of season, the shifting of circumstances in our lives can indicate a season of change. Change is ongoing.

For several weeks I have been contemplating the age old question, “What am I doing here? What does God want me to be doing here? What is my purpose and my dream?” Alright, I know that is 3 questions but, honestly, they all run together somehow.

Our Pastors have just finished teaching a series called Dream On. This series was disturbing for me.

Around twenty years ago, I was at Estes Park, Colorado attending a Christian music conference. I had entered a singing contest in which the winner would have a recording made in a professional studio. When I had advanced to the second phase of the contest, I became aware that my focus had turned to winning. As a result, I was missing out on the experience of learning from others. I took a walk to think and pray. While sitting in the beautiful setting of the Rockie Mountains, I heard God speak to me. I heard His voice speak these words into my spirit. “You are not going to win. That is not My plan for you. Look to the fields for the harvest is ripe.”

That is not all He said to me that day. I only share this with you to reveal that I DID have a dream and it DID come from God. In the past weeks, I have realized that my dreams have been quenched rather than satisfied.  Somewhere along this journey, I gave up on dreaming.

I have been inspired to study about a dreamer to see if I can learn something about dreams for my life. Joseph was a dreamer. He was also a big mouth. He told his brothers from some other mothers, about his dreams. They already couldn’t even speak peaceably to him but now they hated him even more. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that his own brothers sold him into slavery then told his father that wild animals ate him. He was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned. He was abandonned by the very people he helped in prison. That is enough to beat the dreams out of anyone. BUT… God caused him to have favor wherever he ended up. At Potiphar’s house, in the inner prison and, finally, at the age of 30, he gained the favor of Pharaoh who made him second in command in all of Egypt.

Joesph dreamed that his whole family would bow down to him. His dream was fulfilled after many years of horrible struggles. God had the plan for Joseph’s life.  After all was said and done, he forgave his brothers and told them that God had ordained it all so that Joseph could be in the position to save his entire family from the famine in the land.

Here are some dreaming lessons I am learning from Joseph’s example:

  1. Not all people will be happy for your dreams to come true.
  2. It is not necessary to tell everyone your dreams.
  3. Remain faithful to do what you know to do.
  4. When you are falsely accused, remember, God has a plan and He knows the timing.
  5. God may use you help another dreamer before your dreams are ever fulfilled.
  6. Forgive. This is a running theme in our lives.
  7.  If God gives you a dream He will not leave it unfinished.
  8. Be responsible with God’s favor.
  9. You are not without purpose in God’s Kingdom.
  10. Follow God and dream on.



3 responses

8 02 2008

More of these, please! 🙂


10 02 2008

Hey coni- I liked this one & all the ones above it- loved the scale! I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, though I have been reading. I always like to check in on you! I just haven’t had a lot of time. ( I can hear my children wrecking my bedroom through the wall beside me. Should I go check? GUess I should. SOme forgiveness may be necessary.)

Love you,


15 03 2009

This is good I’m gonna start reading about joeseph he had a clear mind that was useful with dream’s.


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