Reliving the seventies

2 02 2008


It was 1976 in Virginia this past week. People were dressed in plaid pants, guys with long hair or big blow dried hair. We had Afro’s, Dorothy Hamil haircuts, Farrah Fawcett feathers and some good old fashion roller sets. These are a couple of the fun hairstyles I got to do.

 Remember Saturday Night Fever, the disco movie with John Travolta” Or, perhaps you remember your own disco adventures. Ahem… like some of us. Remember Angela Davis? Power to the people!

Jennifer had the i-pod cranked up with some sixties and seventies tunes and we cranked out the hairstyles and make up on 150 back ground actors. For a while there, we kept blowing the fuses in the building because we had blow dryers, hot rollers, curling irons and Marcel stoves all plugged in to one breaker. The back ground folks were very cool though. Everyone just went with the flow. What a delightful bunch of folks we met in Hampton, Virginia.

Thanks to everyone that made our work so much fun. Hope we all get to do it again soon.

It is great to be back home though. The dogs were wagging their whole bodies as I tried to make my way through the door with some of my luggage. They were so excited to see me. And, yes, Eddie was wagging all over too!! I love my home.



One response

4 02 2008
the Tim

Glad you are home too, although I won’t wag like the rest of the neighborhood. We really miss you when you are gone too, especially Laddie. Love ya,

tim, mary, rachel, tamara and laddie


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