A little work, a lot of laughter

30 01 2008

The question came to me in an email today. “Are you having fun?”

This is the craziest business I have ever seen. I came to Virginia with the planned schedule of working Monday – Friday.
I worked a 15 hour day on Monday. In that 15 hours I did one man’s haircut and 2 ladies hairstyles for 1976. We sat from 10AM until 7:30 PM before they ever used one of our back ground actors. I was working with a group of folks that I don’t get to see all that much so it was like a reunion with much chatting and laughter and a catered lunch, followed by 1/2 hour of touch ups on the b.g.actors and more catching up with family photo sharing time and more laughter.This is a time of building relationships.

Coni and Sara hard at work

The production was way behind on their shooting schedule. They were having a problem with camera angles and such, so they changed the schedule. They gave us Tuesday off but because they made the decision after 3PM and did not give us warning that we would not be working… the production company has to pay us for an 8 hour day to sit in a hotel.

I slept in until 8AM. Read and prayed. Went to Target to buy a cheapo Mr. Coffee for my room. That is the best $15 I ever spent. Four of us met at the steak house for lunch. We all had a horrible lunch but laughed and took photos with our phones. I now have photos that pop up when these friends call me. Back to my room, reading blogs and talking on the phone about union contracts.

Then, the company decided to give us Weds. off but they don’t want to pay for our hotel rooms for the day ($42:00). So they send us home for the day, (not that any of us are going to check out, drive to Wilmington and then turn around and drive back for work on Thursday). Our union contract states that they have to pay us for our travel time which is 4 1/2 hours each way. Go Union!

Does this make any sense at all????? How do these people get to be the rich folks and how do they make any money at all???
That was a very long answer to your question, “Are you having fun?”
Here is the short answer, yup.
It is Weds. morning and I am chilling in my hotel with my first cup of coffee. Trying to plan what I will do with the day. It is raining here and so I will probably snuggle in and read for a while.

I am invited to my girlfriend Sara’s house for dinner tonight. She is the make up artist in the photo. We worked together on Dawson’s Creek for three years. Since then, she has been saved and now works on the 700 Club. She is now a Messianic Jew.

What a crazy life. I love it!!
Genesis 37:19 Then they said to one another, “Look, this dreamer (lit. master of dreams) is coming.”
Dream on. Love you



One response

2 02 2008

Hi Coni!

It all sounds so glamourous! – except for being told to go home without pay and to come back the next day. I think you have a very cool job!


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