On the road again

26 01 2008


Was that really me just this afternoon? Yep, it certainly was. My feet soaking in warm water and gentle rollers traversing up and down my back in the chair. Thank you for a great pedicure and for taking this lovely photo, Emily.

Gone is the relaxation of that happy hour. (Gives a whole new meaning to that phrase doesn’t it? teehee.)

I have just finished packing like a crazy person for a 6 day stay in Virginia. ADD is not my friend when I have to pack my hair equipment and enough clothes for one week. I have already checked the weather forecast and it looks like rain for 4 out of 5 days there. The temp will fluctuate between 37-62. Yikes!! The production office sent out emails to warn everyone that it will be cold on our sets so dress for winter. I won’t even go into the toiletries. mumble grumble.

Actually, I am grateful to be going to work. I have only worked a handful of days since Army Wives ended in July.

Mr. Ed is sitting in the recliner with a dog on his lap. He is a smart man, staying out of the whirlwind that is Coni packing again.

I decided to take a break and put some ice on my neck and shoulders. I am sore tonight and, to be honest, not looking forward to a 4 hour drive tomorrow. But it could be worse. A couple of years ago I drove down to New Orleans for what I thought would be one week of work. That turned into a 3 month job for me. That kind of thing happens often for me. If all goes as planned, I will be driving home again next Saturday and singing with my beloved worship ministry at the Rock on Sunday morning. I love my church family. I plan to listen to the pod-cast of tomorrows service sometime during the week. I am learning to love technology.

Think about me and miss me while I am gone. I know you will be praying for me. As always, I need it.



4 responses

26 01 2008

We will certainly miss you tomorrow.


27 01 2008

Drive safe. Get well. Hurry back. We all miss you already.


27 01 2008

Wish we could worship together – anytime Girlfriend!!


30 01 2008
Dale Best

Added you to my blog roll!! Read through your blog…sounds like you have a cool job that takes you to a lot of interesting places.

Be sure to breathe that sweet Virginia air when you arrive next week. I grew up in Richmond and to me, there’s not a more beautiful place in America than home.


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