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25 01 2008

So, this has been a week full of doctors and tests for me. It all started with a regular annual check-up. Alright, maybe not annual because I tend to blow these things off. The truth of the matter is, I can’t get over the feeling that once the doc gets you into his system, they look for all kinds of things to keep you coming back. I guess they are supposed to look for all kinds of things but… what a pain in the butt when they find “something”.

I will try not to bore you with all the skeevy little details. My EKG had extra beats so I wore a monitor for 24 hours. Seems that I throw an extra beat every 10 heart beats. No wonder I have difficulty with rhythm. Since I don’t have any symptoms like chest pains or tingling in my arms, we will just keep an eye on that. Whatever that means.

I also had to have a CT scan to check for possible tumor on my liver. We are still waiting for the radiologist to read the scan but first looks by my doc look clear. whew. Just when I thought it was safe to say, “See ya next year, Doc” he told me they saw something in my lungs that looked like pulmonary fibrosis. He explained it as scar tissue but my mind was already numb at this point. Down to radiology for chest xrays. Man…. see what I mean about getting put into the system? So, now I am waiting for results on those xrays.

Add into that equation 3 trips to the chiropractor to work on my Quasimodo hump and you got yourself a gal who needs to vent just a little.

The good stuff is, I got my hair cut today and I feel cute again. Met my friend Carolyn at Best Buy and spent a gift certificate from Christmas. Cool beans. Then we had lunch at Pita Delight. Good company, good hummus. What a blessing.

Tomorrow, I am spending another gift certificate on a pedicure. After this week of poking, prodding, take a breath, hold it, there are no side effects with this dye I am shooting into your veins, (liar, liar, pants on fire), everything looks clear, maybe not so clear…. Lord knows I could use a little pampering.

Hey, thanks for letting me get that all out of my system. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. Keep smiling, it’s all good.



One response

26 01 2008

You hang in there, Coni!

P. S. Why don’t you post a pix of the new “do”?


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