to tweet or not to tweet

24 01 2008
  • So, I am not too sure about this twitter thing. Although I am quite satisfied that I managed to sign up and figure out a few things (with the help of one of my techno-geek buddies) I am not really certain that I like the whole idea. I like to get feedback when I comment about stuff. This kinda leaves me dry.
  • I will be going to Va. on Sunday to work on a movie called The Box. Story takes place in 1976. I love doing period hair. I will be working with a couple of good friends too.
  • I have lost another pound. Still tweaking the food plan so it benefits me better. I am encouraged.
  • Plan to live to a ripe old age.
  • I have had lots of medical tests done this week. Yesterday, I had a CT scan of my liver. I am wearing a heart monitor right now that is a nuisance. It comes off at 1:00 tomorrow. The Md, wanted to book me for chest xrays this week but I refused them. I worry about too much radiation and it’s not like I have anything wrong with my chest that needs checking. If it ain’t broke, don’t xray it.
  • Hoping Ed will continue to eat healthy while I am gone.
  • Started reading Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller. No comment yet.



2 responses

24 01 2008

we love you’re tweeting. esp. since you are going away. we’re getting them. today it remimded me to pray for you as you go through your tests. you just have to trust that we read and smile and think of you. sorry you are being poked and prodded and monitored and cracked. its the price we pay for that long life thing. praying for good report.


25 01 2008

Oh, the Halter monitor? yes, what a big nuisance.


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