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24 01 2008

period wigs

Every  day of my life, I struggle with a lack of self confidence. I can sit here and write that I do believe that I am a good hair stylist. Why then, when I get out there on a movie set, do I feel like any minute they are going to discover that I am clueless? I am such an approval addict sometimes and it robs my joy. That is the big thing that I am trying to correct in myself lately.

It is interesting how, once you see something in your personality that bugs you, you begin to see it in many more areas than you ever suspected. Personality flaws seep into all aspects of our lives.

Low self esteem is a drain on the folks around you. Personally, I like to be around confident people who are not always second guessing themselves. I recognize the importance of remaining humble yet not doormat-like. It is this balance that I am reaching for.

While I am in Va. next week, I will be talking with a brilliant hair stylist who has written a book about period hair design. I met Jerry on the movie The Notebook and I loved him immediately. Maybe it was his Boston accent which I missed so much. I would meet him for breakfast on most Saturday mornings and listen to him talk about why the women wore long hair in the 1940s and how the Victory Roll hair style became popular across the nation. I could listen to him for hours which is very fortunate for me because he is a wealth of information.

Jerry, along with several of the long time members of my union, are forming classes to teach our union members how to create hair styles of different periods and he would like me to be one of the teachers. I am thrilled at this opportunity. I will engage in seminars put on by these talented and knowledgeable designers and then be able to pass on what they have taught me.

I feel like God has allowed me to see this self confidence weakness at just the right time. I have had a few years to be working on it to prepare myself for a time such as this.

Are you aware of a character flaw that has potential to hold you back from fulfilling your goals in life? You don’t have to name it but I am interested if anyone out there is dealing with the same kind of things I am. Or am I just being too sensitive?? I’ll be looking for some comment luv. 😉



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24 01 2008
Carmen W.

Thank You!!!! Your advise to Carlos was so refreshing and exactly what I would of said. As his mother I Thank You. Carmen


24 01 2008

Man, I wonder what God is up to? I can’t tell you how much I’m right there with you. My character flaw deals with my “Why Mary?” post and though I am certain that I have made huge strides in this area of my life over the past few years for some reason it seems to be magnified like never before. As if God is saying “OK, this is important! We got to take care of this issue NOW!” I’m right there with you girl. Must mean God is up to something good.


27 01 2008

I understand exactly! I’m learning to ask sooner of the Holy Spirit “Help me”! He’s always waiting and willing for this but sometimes (less than it use to be) I try to do it MYself! What a waste of time! Lord help me to ask the Holy Spirit the first time everytime!!

We can’t take credit for our talents since He is the one who gave them to us but He wants us to use them for His glory – why else would he give us these talents!! SOunds so simple but…. and thankfully He knows our weaknesses!


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