Let go, let God

16 01 2008

So, what exactly does happen to one’s dreams if they are not fulfilled? Do we give them up, lay them down, bury them, put them on the shelf?

I have felt almost frantic at times this week, thinking about dreams. The lack of a dream in my spirit at this time worries me. Some of the dreams I have had in the past have come into being for a while and then ended. Some have been selfish dreams that I am glad my Father kept from me. One of my biggest dreams had become an idol to me.  I had to lay it down before the Lord. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.  I think it was at that point that I stopped dreaming although I was not aware of that until now.

I am afraid to dream. I have fear that my dreams will be rejected by God. Fear of not being able to measure up. Fear that my faith will be forever erased by disappointment. Irrational fears wear away at my soul sometimes.

My personal prayer this week is this: God, drop the dream into my spirit that You want me to have.

I am relieving myself of the responsibility to come up with a dream. If God has a dream for me, He is well able to awaken it in me.

Until then, I have a pile of books I want to read.



One response

17 01 2008


I’ll agree with you for the recogniton of the dream God has placed in you.
Be blessed!


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