Bad news, Good news

14 01 2008

Did anyone watch Comanche Moon last night? Ed and I enjoyed it and will watch the second part tomorrow night. It was quite good actually.

I had lunch with my girlfriend today. We ate at Ruby Tuesday so we could get the salad bar that we both enjoy. On my way there, I got so frustrated by cell phone yakking drivers!

I know, I know. It is becoming my pet peeve though. If you drive while holding a cell phone to your ear, I am sure that you think you are driving just fine. Let me be honest enough to tell you… you are not!

The first thing that goes is your directionals. Can’t put the phone down and use a hand to hit a lever to indicate to the person behind you that you will be slowing down to turn in a second. Thank God break lights do not require any manual assistance. It is a good thing that we didn’t have a cell phone in the days when we had to use hand signals!

How about the person waiting to pull out at the intersection and has plenty of time to do so if he only knew you were going to make that right! So he waits, only to discover that you were too busy yakking it up to use a turn signal. You make your secret right turn and now the guy has to wait for twelve more cars to go by before he can pull out. And six out of the twelve also make a right turn without indication because of the communication apparatus held against their ear by what should be your free hand. For crying out loud, get an ear bud of some sort if you (like me) must talk while driving. And pay attention!!!

My two new favorite bumper stickers are:




Now that I have opined about cell phone yakking drivers, watch me be the idiot that causes an accident while talking into my blue tooth headset.  grumble

The good news is that I am doing great on my diet. Lost another pound and I am not moody like I thought I might be.



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16 01 2008



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