Comanche Moon tonight

13 01 2008

Remember last year when I flew to New Mexico to work on a western? Well, it airs tonight. Comanche Moon will be on channel 12 at 9:00 tonight. It is a sequel (or a prequel) to Lonesome Dove. It airs as a 3 night mini-series starring Val Kilmer and a ton of other people that you will recognize. The scenery is gorgeous. If you like cowboys and Indians, this is up your alley.



2 responses

20 01 2008
gail rand

will comanche moon be on tv anytime again. missed the 1st and 3rd sequal. Is there a book written comanche moon. would love to see it again in it;s entirety. can a video be purchased? thank you.


20 01 2008

Hi Gail, As of right now, there are no plans, that I am aware of, to air this series again soon. Keep your eyes on Netflix because I heard it may come out there first. Sorry I can’t be of any more help there.


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