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11 01 2008

When I got the job on a television series, a certain sister in Christ was truly puzzled. She could not understand why I thought it was OK to work on a show with such promiscuous story lines. She asked me how I could reconcile my work with my Christianity. Man, did we think differently about life opportunities!

For me, it was all about not hiding my light but shining in the world. I still believe that we are called to go into the big, wacky world and touch peoples lives. I was certain that God had opened that door for me and I hoped to be an example of the love of Jesus Christ on my job. I had a pretty decent 3 year run on the show and when it was time for me to leave, the Lord let me know it for sure. I resigned at the end of the 3rd season with no regrets.   

I know for sure that Jesus used me in the life of one of the make up artists who has since asked Jesus to be her Savior. Today, she works on one of the leading Christian television networks as a make up artist. She is a dear friend and sister to me.

One of my actors on the show had a particularly fowl mouth. This young man dropped the F bomb 4 or 5 times per sentence. He was quite intelligent and I always thought he would make a good lawyer because he loved to argue (he would say “debate”).

At the end of each season we all bought each other gifts. Let me tell you it is really difficult to think of an original gift to get a person who makes more money in one week than I can make in a year. This is what I came up with for him. I bought a dictionary and tore out the whole F section. Then, I wrote this poem and stuck it in the book.

“Oh great!”, you say, “Another book.”

But I beg you, sir, take a closer look.

This is a special dictionary,

Designed to improve your vocabulary.

If you are looking for a fight, you won’t find it in here.

In this book there is no fear.

Flatulate and fumigate you can forget about

Because I have torn all of the F words out.

I’ve heard you use enough of those.

And so to keep you on your toes,

I challenge you to quit the redundancy.

It is too easy to resort to profanity.

I happen to know you are very wise,

So try some new words on for size.

This gift is given from my heart,

Which rhymes with fart…

which reminds me of a story.

I also baked him some cookies. Thank goodness he found it quite humorous. OK, so the fart portion refers to a certain story that absolutely embarassed this one crew member to pieces! So, of course, we derived great delight in telling it over and over again. Always within earshot of the red faced crew member.



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11 01 2008

What a cute and creative gift idea! I wonder if his language took a turn for the better after that? Surely, that’s a gift he’ll never forget!

Oh, and I totally agree with you about going out into the world and touching people’s lives. God had you on assignment! Sometimes, I think of myself as being on secret assignment from the Lord- looking out for who to bless next. Uh-oh… I think I have my next blog topic. Thanks, Coni!


11 01 2008
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11 01 2008

Hi Coni!

I not only linked to your blog in my Christ Undercover, I also quoted you! However, I’ve noticed that my story somehow got into your COMMENT section! I don’t know how and i DO apologize! Oh, and thanks for the inspiration!


11 01 2008

No Problem Hazel. I read your story and it is well worth the read so, anyone who clicks on that link in the comments will be blessed for visiting Hazel’s site. You can also link to her through my blog roll. God is so good.


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