Moving Forward

6 01 2008

The writers strike has all of us film geeks out of work for too long. I have been wondering what else I would do if I couldn’t do hair. Working in film was never one of my aspirations. It is just a thing that God brought me into for His purpose. Could this be the end of this ministry for me?

I came to the conclusion that I don’t really have any dreams or visions for myself any more. That’s crazy! How did that happen to me?

When I moved here from Massachusetts the possibilities seemed endless. I was going to go full time into the music ministry and share my testimony with anyone who cared to listen. I was going to sing down the prison walls that held people captive to alcohol, drugs and no self worth. My desire was to help women in prisons to find their worth again. Help them to discover how precious they are in this world and to God. I wanted to make a difference in the statistic that too many women return to prison because they could not change their way of life on the outside and turned so easily back to crime. I knew that would change if only they knew how much Jesus loves them. 

My desire was to be a Biblical counselor to women, help them discover how to walk in the blessings of God. I wanted to be a vessel to help other people find and fulfill their dreams. Somehow, along the way, I lost mine.

I wanted to see prostitutes fall in love with Jesus. I wanted to see drug addicts get clean and sober and I wanted to see physically and mentally handicapped people get touched by God and healed of every infirmity. I want to see crazy people restored to their right minds and sitting at the feet of Jesus. I have seen that happen to people in the past and I believe it is still happening.

By the way, I believe that all those wants that I just listed were placed in my heart by God Himself. I believe that those were God’s desires for me to accomplish. He wired me that way. God does give us the desires of our hearts. (Psalm 37:4) I believe that means, He places (gives us) those desires in our hearts and then He fulfills those desires.

Today, I am realizing all of this. The curtain has been drawn and the light is shining in again. I will not dwell on why or how this condition has captivated me. I will to destroy it before it destroys me. I wholly trust my God to pull me out of the mire, once again, and fulfill His plan for my life. I have a destiny. I plan to walk in that destiny and fulfill purpose for Coni’s life. God will restore my hopes and give me new desires.

Good bye 2007. Come on 2008, let’s accelerate!!!



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6 01 2008

Right there with you babe! Isn’t our church amazing, Pastor Ron so articulatly said what I had been feeling and thinking for weeks, but couldn’t put my finger on it. And there it is, made perfect sense. I’ll be praying for you to find vision again. You can pray the same for me if you’d like. Love ya


7 01 2008

I am rooting for you Coni… DREAM BIG!


7 01 2008

Someone spoke to me yesterday about getting some of our ladies involved in a ministry to hurting women. In particular providing help to lift their confidence by things like hair cuts/styling, makeup, etc.
They are contacting me this week to see what we can do to help.


7 01 2008

Sometimes dreams aren’t lost; they’re just waiting to be drempt again! Eric got a vision that was “drop dead weight and accelerate in 2008!” Weird. And awesome.


11 01 2008
Carolyn Mejia - Media Director for The ROCK church in Wilmington, NC

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23 01 2008
dream on

[…] conisong: moving forward hbomb: welcome to hollywood, what’s your dream? mills: new year’s resolutions pastorb: sunday night download […]


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