Special Ed

4 01 2008

My husband was at the registry today. He said that he kept hearing a faint click, click noise. He thought that someone around him was clicking a pen or moving a chair but the sound persisted. It sounded like it was coming from him. It was definitely coming from inside his pocket. He reached in and pulled out his cell phone. That was it. click, click. Ed opened the phone and was staring at himself. The camera function had turned on and was taking about 30 pictures of the inside of his pocket.

My husband the paparazzi. This is why I call him Special Ed. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.



5 responses

4 01 2008

ha ha :-D.


4 01 2008

Too funny!


5 01 2008
shirley logan

way to go Ed that was to cute.


5 01 2008
Nancy (Girlfriend)

Ow, ow, ow .. I hurt myself laughing. I love my buddy; he is special.


5 01 2008
Glenn (not Ed's boyfriend, ha)

Hey, just thought I would let you know. Glenn sent in comment 4. He is special too; didn’t take Nancy’s name off the “name required” spot.


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