Fog vs. Clarity

3 01 2008

I read that it is good to dump all the stuff that runs around in my brain every now and then. Especially when I can’t seem to zero in on what to write about. My head is full of stuff today so, here goes.

  • Trying not to worry about being unemployed.
  • Wish I were a better house keeper.
  • One of the joys of working is that I can afford to have someone help me keep it clean.
  • Trying not to worry about being unemployed and having a less than perfect house. 😉
  • My puppy came up positive for Lyme’s disease. I am hoping it is a false positive.
  • January 5, 2008 will be the 31st anniversary of my sobriety.
  • God put some dedicated people in my life who helped me at all hours of the day and night. I am grateful to them.
  • I have finished Henri Nouwen’s book. I have started a compilation of female writers called A woman and her God.
  • Need to re-focus on who I am and what my dreams are.
  • Always battling against self-rejection. Can’t afford to get tired and let my shield of faith down.
  • I have purpose. I have a destiny. It is just a bit foggy at the moment.
  • A fresh wind of the Holy Spirit can blow the fog away.
  • No turning back.

 My friend, Teri and I headed out for a ministry date that we had in another town. It was rainy and foggy and we had about a one and a half hour drive ahead of us. We had a trunk full of sound equipment and I had my song list made. We had prayed over this commitment and felt sure that God had a purpose for us there. So, we began to drive to our destined appointment.

After several miles, we could not see the cars in front of us anymore because of the rain and fog. It was quite unnerving to suddenly come upon the rear lights of a car that was only 15 feet or so ahead of us. We talked about turning around and going home. It seemed the logical thing to do since we had to travel at a snails pace to avoid an accident. We were sure to be late as it was but we decided to go a little further and then a little further. The rain lightened up and the fog began to clear. When we got to the other side of the fog, the sun was shining just as bright and visibility was as clear as it could be. Teri and I made it to our destination in ample time and the rest of the evening went smoothly.

The lesson I learned from that experience is three fold.

  1. The sun is shining on the other side of the fog and there will be clarity again.
  2. You can travel the other direction too. Fog can come upon you suddenly but just keep going. Clarity will come again sooner or later.
  3. To borrow a phrase from the sixties, “Just keep trucking.”

Ain’t life grand?



One response

3 01 2008

Thanks, I needed to hear that. I have felt in the fog recently too…at times like it just kept getting fogger! Thanks for reminding me it will clear if we just keep going.


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