Getting Antsy

26 12 2007

My heart is about ready to pound right out of my chest!! If I have one more granule of sugar I am sure to go directly into a coma.

Christmas has been an excellent time for us. We had dinner with our bestest friends and their family. I always feel blessed when I get to spend time with these guys. Our friend Rhonda and her son Josh were there too so it was like a double rainbow. Lots of chatting, good food and laughter.

We talked to all 3 of our daughters on the phone. Everyone was doing well and sounded happy.

Ed and I made wish lists this year for the first time ever. What a great idea! We both got things that were on our lists and a couple of gifts where we thought outside the box.

My favorite gift that I gave Ed was his cook book. He had a notebook full of all these recipes that he had collected from his years as a steward on the ships. The pages were starting to tear and fall out of his book so I sneaked his book away and typed out each recipe (about 120) and made him a whole new book. Each page is in a plastic protecter and placed in a 3 ring binder. I also managed to find him an old Bob Dylan collection called Slow Train Coming. It is a collection of songs he wrote when he became a Christian and it was not a huge seller for him which made it hard to find. It was remade into a CD by Sony in Japan so the cover is written in Japanese. Pretty cool actually.

The favorite gift that I got … a panoramic photo of Florence, Italy. It is just the right size to fit over my long mirror in the studio and it is in a lovely black frame to go with the decor. Also some jeans and a gift certificate for a pedicure. Oh yeah, my baby knows me well.

 It really has been a blessing to be able to plan and to shop for the holidays. However, not having a job to go to after the holidays is a little un-nerving. I have had a whole lot of time off and have managed to stay pretty busy for a while but I am starting to get antsy. Must work soon!! Thank goodness that I have the studio and a couple of clients to keep my mind and my hands busy.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I pray that we all have a fulfilling and prosperous new year.



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27 12 2007

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