did you see those eyelashes?

17 12 2007

Glory Academy, you blow me away!

Pastor Abbye, you are just incredible. You cause me to desire excellence in all that I do for the Lord because you give Him your best. Thanks for inspiring by example. Mrs. Melanie and Mrs Casey, you are both anointed to dance and to teach others to express their worship with the dance. Thank you for doing what you do. You are really good at it!

I was so blessed to be a part of the production of Imagine Christmas yesterday. My friends, Gina Baran and Wendy Bell, joined me in the hair and make up department. I love working with these ladies. They both told me how much they enjoyed being a part of the production. Their adventurous spirit and willingness to create helped make the look so funky and lovely all at the same time. What team work. Thank you ladies for sharing your wonderful talents.

I must say that the young ladies and the lone male dancer, Joseph, were just a joy and a pleasure to work with. You all behaved so professionally. You were on time for your hair and makeup calls (even though it meant arriving at the church at oh my gosh o’clock on Sunday morning!) And you absolutely rocked the looks!!! Eyelashes and all. And, the eyelashes lasted for all 4 applications! Thank You Jesus.

On a personal note: After the church that Ed and I were very involved with ended it’s ministry, we were sad, weary and wounded. We wondered if we would ever want to actually join a church again. I wanted to stay safely at home and not put myself in the line of fire anymore. It seems to me that the hardest hurts in my adult life have come from people in church. That’s just wrong, but that is the truth.

It was a big step of faith for me and Ed to join the Rock Church but I am more convinced than ever that this is the place where God wants us right now. I sure hope that you feel the same way about the church you have joined yourself to. It is not just about getting a good feeling on Sunday. God has given each of us certain talents and gifts and He wants us to use those talents and gifts to encourage each other as well as to reach the hearts of hurting people outside the church. I need to ask myself if I am using what God has given to me. Am I using it for His glory or am I just using it when I feel like it? Am I ego tripping with it or am I spending it on God?

In closing… whew, what a week it has been. exhausting and exhilarating. Right now, I am tired. More than tired. I am too pooped to pop.



One response

19 12 2007

i saw the eyelashes all the way from the sound booth. coni – wow!!! you and your girls rocked it! you are an amazing lady and an amazing friend and i’m glad you decided not to just stay at home. i love you!


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