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15 12 2007

This is it! We have had 2 dress rehearsals and I am blown away by what is happening at the Rock! If you are in Wilmington, NC, the production of Imagine Christmas is a must-see. I promise you will not go away disappointed. I’ll be looking for you!!!



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16 12 2007

Everything looked so completely terrific! I love it, and I loved your angels. You managed to make them look beautiful, but slightly inhuman, too. How do they bear to wear that freaky eylash thing you put in the picture? Ick!

Your singing was beyond description. Loved it.


17 12 2007


I made it to the morning show, yesterday…it was marvelous!!! My eyes were dazzled,my ears were serenaded and my heart was touched. My sister came with me and she loved it too! She was quite impressed, as was I. You sounded terrific! I loved the sparkly top!

It was a wonderful production and experience! I am so glad I made it!


17 12 2007

Coni – you are absolutely amazing! I don’t even know how to say thank you adequately enough – you and your team made this show over the top! Really…thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the hours and passion you put into this event. It is a honor to work with you! I love you, Mrs. Coni!


17 12 2007

Brian & I were checking out some promo viedeos for this production and it looks like you guys blew it out of the water with stunning hair & makeup.
Maybe you could send pics to willowcreek – bet they’d appreciate ’em.

Love you, my ever so creative mom!


22 12 2007

Hey Coni I love your web-site. I’m going to give this to Cindy too. Thought of your Mother on the 11th. I still have her picture right next to the computer. Funny I still miss, but I talk to her all the time. Merry Christmas to you and Eddie Love Sandy


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