December 16th – 10am & 6 pm

13 12 2007

God is so good. He really has a way of working things out when I get out of the way.

I have worked for the past 2 days on One Tree Hill and was prepared to work tomorrow as well. There are a ton of things that I still would like to do to prep for Imagine Christmas and I was wondering how I would get everything done in time for our first dress rehearsal on Friday night. Well, today, the schedule changed and it turns out that they don’t need me tomorrow after all. Problem solved. Now, I can give my full attention to the last minute details that need to be done.

 One of the hair stylists at work today said something to the affect of how nice it was of me to do the hair and make up for Imagine Christmas. I assured my friend that I am the one  who is blessed to be able to do this production. I am just over the moon with our hair & make up design and I can’t wait to see it all put together with costumes and lights.

Drama, dance, instruments, singing, fantastic costumes. Surprises that I don’t even know about. The only thing that could possibly make me any happier is if I were singing in this too. Hey, wait a minute! I am singing in the production too. OK. Ecstatic now!



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