11 12 2007

I saw Jesus Christ Superstar in Boston in 1971. I was working as a waitress in an all night Deli in Copley Square. I had just recently kicked heroin, left my first husband who was a junkie and a physical abuser and moved into a rooming house in the Back Bay of Boston. I was still drinking and snorting cocaine and taking hallucinogens. In short, I was a mess. I was not a nice person.

But, I saw Jesus Christ Superstar and it made an impact on me. In 1971, I did not know Jesus. This musical play caused me to think about who Jesus is and what the cross was all about. In that respect, I would say that it planted a seed in me. A seed of curiosity. A desire to figure out the enigma that was Jesus. The deeper I searched the more elusive the answer was. I was very confused for a long time but I was searching in my own way.

Eleven years later, after being completely alcohol and drug free for 5 years, I had my answer. Who is Jesus? He is the Savior of the world and He is my personal Savior. My search for the truth was personal. My relationship with Jesus is intensely personal. It is the most real truth in my life.

As we approach the Christmas holiday, I am certain that there are people who are asking themselves; Who is Jesus? What is this baby born of a virgin all about?  I respect that this is an individual journey for each one who comes to Jesus. There is no set formula that works for all seekers. I don’t know what will make it click for another person.

Here are some of the things I do know.

  • God is love.
  • It is God’s desire that every human on the face of this earth comes to Know Him.
  • He has already moved heaven and earth to reach your heart.
  • God loves mankind. He loves me and He loves you.
  • God is not playing hide and seek with you.
  • He wants to be found. He already found you.
  • If you are breathing, you are not hopeless.
  • God is not mad at you.
  • He sent His only Son, Jesus, to be born of a virgin. (As absurd as this sounds, He sent messengers to tell of this miracle birth hundreds of years before it even happened just so we would know that it is real.)
  • If you diligently seek Him you will find Him. The shepherds did. The wise-men did. Even blind Bartemaeus found Jesus.
  • Jesus Christ laid down His life for me when He died on the cross. He, the sin-less One, was the atoning sacrifice for my sin.
  • He did that because He loves me.
  • I love Him for doing that. I love Him because He loves me.

If seeing Jesus Christ Super Star could be the catalyst that launched my quest for truth, what seeds will Imagine Christmas plant in people’s hearts?



2 responses

11 12 2007
Angela Wilhite

I wish I could have seen the “God is not mad at you” part about seventeen years before I figured it out.

It would have made a huge difference. I believed in God many many years. I just also believed that he was hacked off at me.

Isn’t that sad?


11 12 2007


Thanks for sharing your heart. I’m sure Imagine Christmas is going to plant countless seeds…at least countless to us but each one known to Him


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