I’ll be home for Christmas

8 12 2007











I am so happy to be home for Christmas that I literally do not know what to do with myself. Plans will come together as they always do and Ed and I will celebrate together. We enjoy being together no matter whether we are doing something big or just hanging out. Yes, even ALL this time we have in semi-retirement. We have had 24 Christmas celebrations as a married couple. This will be our 25th.

I think that our most memorable Christmas was spent in Florence, Italy (not SC 😉 ). It was two years ago and I was working very hard on a TV series. Ed made all the plans and then surprised me on my birthday. He booked us in a 5 star hotel with a concierge from Dec. 22- Dec. 29. That was a first for both of us. He booked us tickets to a ballet in Florence. Front row seats! Who’s the man?!

We visited every art museum in Florence and the vicinity. We saw THE David! We drove a smart car through Tuscany and visited Sienna. Every thing we saw and every thing we did was the most incredible experience of our lives. Then, on the night before we were to fly home, IT SNOWED! We walked to our favorite pizzeria in the snow. The last snowfall in Florence was in 1983.

That night we looked out our hotel window to the piazza below and saw our hotel staff and many of the locals having snowball fights and laughing so hard. The joy was contagious and we wondered if this was the first snowfall some of these youngsters had seen. We watched as the snow began to cover the statue of Hercules wresting a lion in the center of the square below us. I took several pictures from our window which overlooked the Arno River and the piazza. What a fabulous last night in Italy. But, the surprise was on us! We checked our flight plans and discovered that we could not fly out of Florence due to the snow. We could not drive to another airport because the taxis did not run in the snow. We were stranded. The concierge extended our stay until New Years Eve. Poor us, stranded in a 5 star hotel in Italy. God blessed us really GOOD!

This Christmas we will be at home for Christmas. we have no plans for the ballet but we will see the greatest Christmas presentation this town has to offer. Instead of front row seats, I will have a back stage pass ;). We will not watch the snow fall on the lion statue but instead have a dog nestled on our lap and maybe watch a Christmas movie. We won’t walk in the snow to the pizzeria but might go to Elizabeth’s for a slice. We will spend time with friends and we will miss being with family but will talk on the phone and send presents. Maybe we will open a gift on Christmas Eve which is a tradition of our family. We may have Christmas Lasagna or maybe turkey again. No stress. We will be together and that is always a good thing.



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8 12 2007

wow. i can’t believe italy was a whole year ago. time flies by way to fast.


8 12 2007

as soon as imagine is over my first priority is coming to your house to show you how to upload images in wordpress. 😀 i was rather disappointed that i couldn’t comment on the mid-evil crack since you edited it in your wordpress post. i was going to say you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. ha, ha.

(yes, your blogger is still feeding – beware.)


8 12 2007

What a beautiful picture. But just so you know, I’m praying for snow here this Christmas. We haven’t had a good snow at Christmas since 1989, I think we are due.


8 12 2007

You are gonna make my life sooo much easier Carolyn. I am so excited!
Pray on sister Helen!! I could dig snuggling in and watching my dogs romp in the snow!


10 12 2007

Awww….that’s sounds amazing and makes me want to book tickets tonight!

I’m glad you’re home for Christmas this year b/c I really don’t know what I would do without you! Thanks for all you’re doing to make this an amazing event. It’s going to be awesome. (obviously I don’t take my husbands advice about word usage…)


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