6 12 2007

The following is a prayer request from the husband of Kristy Dykes. You can click here to see what has been going on in her life. She is a well loved woman who needs prayer in a big way on Monday. Please join us in praying for a miracle. Thanks so much. Coni

Would you join with us at 3:30 this Monday, Dec. 10, 2007, in prayer at the time of her first radiation treatment? Thousands are praying around the world for Kristy.

It just seemed to dawn on me that while the concentrated radiation was being shot into her brain that focused prayer of thousands of believers around the world praying at this same time would also have powerful impact. Do you agree? Will you set this time aside to pray for her? Surely God would hear our combined, united prayer for her healing.

If you have a blog site I humbly ask you to put this Miracle on Monday request on your blog site to request prayer, this would mean so much to us.

If you are a pastor could you put this request in your bulletin or mention it to your people this Sunday?

If you are a prayer leader/intercessor, please share this prayer request with your group.

Please keep praying for Kristy….for us.

I am bloging at her request.Her husband, Milton



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