How do you like retirement so far?

5 12 2007

Ed is semi-retired. Ed has a shiner.

A couple of evenings ago he came into the office where I was reading on-line. He sat at his desk which is, literally, an arms length away from me, turned his chair around and stared at me until I looked up from what I was doing. I asked, “What’s up?”

He leaned back, sighed and said, “Nothing.” That is married couple non-speak for I am bored. Entertain me.

I could have suggested that he go read a book. I could have asked him to do a chore for me. That would teach him to interrupt me.

Instead, I thought about the many nights that I missed his company while I was out of town at work. I turned off the computer and invited him to play a game of cards. Something we never do without our friends. It was a nice night. I beat him at Rummy by ten points.

I told you all of that to say:

I did not do that to Ed!



2 responses

5 12 2007

see, now you’re just fishing for comments. well – it won’t work. i won’t bite. i refuse to… oh, wait a minute. darn it!


11 12 2007
Angela Wilhite

“This is married person talk for “I am bored; entertain me.”

Ain’t it the truth!


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