Live Christmas Theater

1 12 2007

As if Christmas wasn’t exciting enough all by itself! I just came home from a rehearsal for Imagine Christmas.  Christmas music makes me nostalgic and sparks my imagination all at the same time. If you are going to be in Wilmington, NC on December 16th you have the chance to see and hear the most inspirational Christmas presentation around. Of course, if you don’t like the art of dance, you could keep your eyes closed and just listen to the live music. But, you will want to open your eyes to see the drama portions of the performance. So, don’t bring a blindfold or anything like that. 😉

I am getting more excited by the day! I have been involved in theater and in the film industry for quite a while now, (even sang in dinner theater for one season). This Christmas presentation is the one I will remember for a long time. I am singing, and I am thrilled about that, but it is not my singing that I am excited about. I can not imagine anyone walking away from this without thinking, “Wow! That is Christmas!”

I dare ya, I double dog dare ya!!

Ok, so have I convinced you yet? Click here for times and directions. See ya there.



5 responses

2 12 2007
Vicky Graham

Wish I could come… Are they selling videos of it?


4 12 2007

I’m so thrilled that you are a part of this show…I don’t know what I would do without you! It’s definitely a gift from the Lord to me that you are home right now….

Thank you!


4 12 2007
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5 12 2007

yeah – i have to give a big fat DITTO to abs’ comment. you have been such an amazing (sorry don)awesome (oops did it again) blessing. we love you so much and it’s so good to see so much of you lately. i hope god makes it so this sticks.


5 12 2007

thank you for those lovely comments ladies.
Keep that up and you won’t be able to CHASE me away.


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