30 11 2007

I have been having a blast shopping for the hair and makeup for Imagine Christmas. I got a delivery today from a make up store. There are 16 pair of fantastically, beautiful …. oh, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Let me just say that this production is going to be a visual bonanza! I am getting very excited. We have some of the most talented hair and makeup artists who have made themselves available to help us Imagine Christmas! God has been so good.

A little birdie told me today that the sets are coming together too. Carpenters and special effects and lighting techs, Oh my.

The optical blessing could only be outdone by the amazing music and the stirring dancers.

Fellow ADDs unite! We are going to be right in our element.

Oh look, glitter!



2 responses

1 12 2007

Oh, I can’t wait! I wish I could help with hair or make-up or EVERYTHING! I love huge productions like this…it’s always so exciting and well, you can’t get too bored! I look forward to seeing the masterpieces…just make sure you get some pictures of Johnny and Bret in make-up please!


2 12 2007

i am sooo excited. those things you bought were AMAZING. and the pictures of the stuff – – stunning. and the stuff in the bottles and jars – – WOO HOO! and that thing you did today during rehearsal – – – BEAUTIFUL! This is going to be sooooo awesome!!! 😀


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