cartoon thinking

28 11 2007

I am not sure if my brain got damaged somehow when I was a child but I think in cartoon. A lot. It is not something I work at to achieve. It just happens.

OK. For instance: I was watching an old movie the other day. When a character was asked the simple question, “How are you?” he answered, “Swimmingly.” Enter Nemo’s Dad and Dory. Dory is doing the thing where she says, in her sing song voice, “I’m swimming. swimming.” 

I lost about 3 minutes of dialog in the movie because I went from Dory swimming to Dory making whale noises. I caught myself in cartoon land, chuckled to myself and got right back into my movie only mildly annoyed at the diversion.

Now, I am ashamed to admit that given the same scenario, if Ed interrupted the movie with conversation, I would be totally annoyed at him for taking me out of the story.

What’s up with that?



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28 11 2007

Ed is not as cute as Dory? Just a theory…


28 11 2007


I do this ALL the time! But never in cartoon form! I’m more of a “drama” thinker and even a “comic” thinker (or maybe my drama just makes me laugh!). Something will trigger it and I’m off on some tangent coming up with a story line seeing the drama being played out before me. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that maybe that’s the way God made me…maybe I’m supposed to use that trait to improve my writing skills or maybe its a natural spin-off of being creative. Maybe it’s my gift acting out- so to speak. I’ve been doing it all my life. I just pray its not a mental problem! 🙂 All prayers are welcomed!


28 11 2007

Great comments. I agree with both of you ladies. Dory is cuter and cartoon thinking is my gift acting out. I like it.


29 11 2007
carolyn mejia

i searched and searched but could not find a cartoon image for you as cute as ed. (i really did) my advice… think it up, sketch it out and commit it to memory. 😀


1 12 2007

So THAT’S where I got it from! Ah the mysteries of life that can be solved by spying on your mother…

Love you!


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