25 11 2007

Please Daddy…

This is where any Spoiled Rotten Dog (SPROG) really wants to hang out. Right next to her daddy on the leather throne. Don’t let the kennel beside them fool you. It has simply become a piece of furniture for us.

Bella is a rescue and she was feral when we got her. We were harboring this 5 week old, tiny, feisty ball of black fur in the make up trailer on the set of Strangers. As Liv Tyler was getting into my chair for her hairstyle one early morning, she did not see the pup and accidentally stepped on her. The wild side of this little dynamo came out and she drew blood by biting Liv on the ankle. Our actress could have really thrown a hissy and banished the canine from our trailer. We were breaking rules by having an animal in there in the first place although we had asked our actors if they would mind if we kept her in there since the temperatures had dropped to freezing outside. Lucky for Bella, Liv is a dog lover too.

Sorry Inside Edition. You missed the scoop because you were so concerned with the Pop-let who forgot her panties. Oh well. maybe next time.

Anyway…. I was smuggling the puppy into my hotel room at night. I would wake up every 2 hours and tuck her into a knitting bag that my girlfriend lent me, carry her down the hall to the back stairs and out the back door to do her business. Some mornings, my girlfriend would take her out while I got dressed for work. One morning, one of the cleaning ladies busted me carrying her out in the knitting bag. She just winked at me and made the zip my mouth signal.

When I got her to work, she had all kinds of aunties and brothers taking care of her while we worked. It took a village to keep a puppy on a movie set. This doesn’t even give credit to the heroes that found her and took her to the vet for shots and took care of her before I got in on the action.

Ed drove down to Florence, SC after work one night, picked the dog up, turned right around and drove back home with her. What a good man!

All in all, I would have to say that Bella is one blessed canine.



2 responses

26 11 2007

Thanks for the comment Mrs. Coni! I love you!


27 11 2007

Isint is amazing how we can fall head over heels for a pet??

Our new pooch “Dexter” has been a huge hit at our home. She is one of the family!


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