Idle time?

19 11 2007

I am starting to get nervous about being out of work for so long. I am not good at idle time.

The writers strike is doing strange things in my world. The TV series in Charleston was supposed to begin it’s 2nd season  after Thanksgiving. I just found out they have closed the offices for now and may not get started until March. Good thing I decided not to go down there. I could be stuck with a lease on a condo for the next 7 months. Thank You Jesus.

I have been home and out of work since July. During this  time, my husband is eating healthy regularly and has regained  some color in his cheeks. The meniscus seems to be healing and the swelling in his leg has gone down. He has had a series of 5 shots in the knee to help with the arthritis. He still limps but he is doing so much better. He has started semi-retirement which- he promises me- means he is going to slow down any time now. Mm hm.

My dog, Daisy, had gotten SCARY skinny. I really thought she was dying. For some reason she would not eat at all. I have been cooking chicken and rice for the dogs for months now. She has gained 10 pounds and eats 3-4 times a day. Her eyes are bright. Her coat is shiny. Bella, thinks she has sailed on the gravy boat to Heaven since every time Daisy eats, Bella gets some too. They are spoiled rotten dogs. We call them SPRogs. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We got our backyard garden finished this year. It looks great and has been a joy to walk through or sit on our stone bench and watch the dogs romp.

I have enjoyed writing again. I have enjoyed eating my own cooking again. I am going to the chiropractor to take care of things I have let go for years now. I am planning Thanksgiving dinner at home. I may even go to stores to Christmas shop this year instead of going on-line from a hotel room on the road somewhere. I have enjoyed some quality time with family and friends. I plan on doing more of that. The day after Thanksgiving we are going to the Carolina Opry to see the Christmas show with the Klings. I will be quite involved in our own Imagine Christmas performance at the Rock this year. I have been having a blast putting together the look for the hair and make up. It promises to be some of the most creative hair and make up I have ever done. I am blessed to have the team work of my friends, Gina and Wendy. I love the beautiful work these girls do. Thanks to the writer’s strike they are available and they want to be involved. I have had the pleasure of doing some hair in my own studio again. I will be home long enough that I am accepting new clients too.

After reading this last paragraph, I guess I made my point that I am not good at IDLE time. No idle here! lol. Life is good.



3 responses

20 11 2007

Life is good! Your idle time has even afforded you the time to blog more! I love your blog from the tagline to the theme! It’s vibrant and modern just like your personality! It fits!
I’ve added you to my blogroll and I’ll be checking in often! Thanks so much for the support! I hope you and ED will have a great holiday!


21 11 2007

Hmmm… so you’re doing hair, huh? Think you could do something with mine? Anybody can do a hair cut. It would take some kind of Hair-savant to come up with a good style for me. Think about it…



21 11 2007

YES! I can do something beautiful with your hair. We will keep it simple enough so it won’t require lots of blow drying with round brushes. Who has time anymore? And yet, clean lines to define a “do”.
Call me.
“Uh-oh. Time for Wopner.”


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