14 11 2007

Friends are supposed to be a blessing. Don’t ask me how I know this, I don’t have any documented proof. I just believe it.

That does not mean that friends do everything right all the time. Sometimes, we can blow it big time.

True friends, want the best for their friends. We are happy for successes, not jealous. We laugh together and at certain times, we cry together. Girlfiends tell girlfriends when they look bad in that outfit. Not in a mean way, but just so you don’t embarrass yourself going out like that. We say things like “You are unzipped” or “That would look nice with your blue sweater over it” or “Get that toilet paper off your shoe”. On a rare occassion,  we may have to say something like,”That might be mutton dressing as lamb.” Isn’t that right Sistah Jennifer?

I, for one would much rather have a girlfriend tell me that my pants are too tight than to have people that don’t know me form an opinion based on a fashion faux pas.

I am blessed to have a couple of real girlfriends. My Best Girl Friend Forever earned that position the day she did just what a Bestest friend would do. Nancy and I were friends already. We liked each other. We talked about how we loved Jesus, how we wanted to be better people. We encouraged each other to serve Jesus by loving His people better. We consoled each other when we missed the mark.

I had surgery to repair a macular hole in my retina. My recovery was contingent on how well I would be able to keep my head in the proper position for the retina to heal. That position was face down to the floor… for two weeks. I ate, slept, walked, and sat with my face looking down at the floor. It was very difficult to do for 2 weeks. I got pretty good at recognizing people by their shoes.

Nancy came to visit me one day. She was sitting on the couch in my living room and I was in the chair. We were chatting away as I studied a place in the carpet at my feet. All of a sudden, her smiling face was looking up at me. She got right down on the floor, laid on her back and scooched her face next to my feet so we could talk to each other eye to eye. We laughed at how silly the situation was but, I said to myself, “Now that is a friend. This one is a keeper.”

Nancy Kling has been my best girlfriend since that day. We have been through quite a bit over the years and I dare say, I haven’t done everything right. But, we know each other’s heart. I want the very best for my friend and her family and I know she wants the same for me. That’s what I mean when I said friends are supposed to be a blessing.



3 responses

15 11 2007

awwww. now that’s a great story. what a good friend. we all need one of those.


20 11 2007

I love this! I could imagine the two of you probably having giggle fits while you were in an extremely precarious situation. That one certainly is a keeper!


27 11 2007
Nancy (Girlfriend)

As I wipe away the tears from my eyes, I remember a similar and sorta of funny yet oh so serious time you reciprocated to me. How could I ever forget my hystorectomy stay at the hospital and a visit from the pastor. As he was there, I needed to release some awful big gas! That’s right! Gas!!! But my pride wouldn’t let me, so I held it. What a mistake, I couldn’t get it out after he left. Only a true bestest girlfriend would bow her head and have a little talk with Jesus and ask Him to allow her girlfriend to pass gas! Now that’s a friend!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention staying with me while I had my appendectomy! It seems like I am in need of you everytime I’m sick. You’re the best!
Love you! Girlfriend


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