bragging rights

12 11 2007

So, was I cheating by posting what my daughter wrote instead of writing myself? Or was I bragging cuz I am so blessed to know the depth of my kiddos walk with her Savior?

Fawn is incredible and she has done a fabulous job home schooling her two boys. My son-in-law, Brian, rocks my world too. He is working hard and determined to be led by the Lord and not swayed by what the rest of the world is into at the moment. He is definitely his own person. I respect him more than I can say right here.

Please pray for Brian and Fawn and their 3 children, Tony, Brandon and Cassie. Like anyone who is destined for greatness, they are all learning to be mighty warriors and to fight for their destiny. They make me very proud.



One response

20 11 2007

You definitely were not cheating by posting Fawn’s writing! After all, you did give her the credit! I think it’s wonderful for a proud mama to tell the world, especially when the child can read about Mama’s bragging!


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