My Daughter the Writer

11 11 2007

In the beginning was the Word – the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

He was there in the beginning when God made the earth and when He laid out the expanse of the heavens. The Word was with God as each ocean and land mass were formed. He took joy in the birds first flight and thrilled at the sound of the whale’s song. The Word watched with anticipation as Adam was made in their image. As each thing that was created came into existence the Word was there to declare that all was indeed, very good.

 He also was there to see Adam and Eve – those made for fellowship with God and destined to be His Bride, choose to turn their backs on Him, believeing a lie about His character. He absorbed the blow of rejection. The first unspeakable sting of  unrequited love was felt by Him.

The angels who had marveled at the uncanny likeness that Adam bore to God, were transfixed as they watched all of creation convulse in labor pains. Man, who was once clothed by the very Glory of God, now hid in His nakedness, ashamed and painfully aware that together, they had given birth to sin and death.

Centuries passed. Creation attempted to numb the pain of seperation from God with achievement, perversion, conquest – all to no avail – until, finally, they cried out to the only One who could meet their need.

 His perfect holiness could not turn a blind eye to their sin, so balancing justice with His infinite love and mercy, He established sacrifices to atone for the people and He extended the invitation to draw near to Him once again.

Sadly, the jewel of creation rejected His offer of love and soon turned once again to follow after things that would never satisfy.

In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God. After countless years of silence between God and man, His enduring love could bear the seperation no more.

All of heaven gasped as the Word took on flesh and lived among us. Not as a ruler or a prince, which would have been fitting. No. In a world of , so-called gods that reqquire man to strive in order to gain their acceptance, the Word extravagantly loved His creation. In love, He came as a humble man-child,being birthed amidst the dirt and dung of simple barnyard animals in order to fully relate to us, covered in our own filth and shame.

God, clothed in power and majesty, splendor and honor. The Word. King of Kings. Master of all mystery. Maker of uncharted galxies. Ancient and Eternal. The Word loved His creation and, in order to redeem us, He laid aside His diety and majesty, His glory and splendor to be covered in our flesh.

The Word- Jesus.

Emmanuel – God… with us.

And that is only the beginning.

(this is written by my daughter, Fawn Lee. I share it with her permission.)



4 responses

12 11 2007
Donna Jardine

Hi Coni. That was a great story Fawn wrote. Loved it. Made me teary-eyed. So did you story about Thanksiving day. I so wish we could all be together on special days like these. I wish I could make it over there. Sounds like so much fun. The good old days. I miss you all.


13 11 2007

I know. Everyone is so spread out these days. I am just grateful that we keep in touch through emails and blogs. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Brianna.


20 11 2007

Coni, tell your daughter I love this!


26 11 2007

Hey Girlie Girl Happy Everyday. Let’s have some time together, what say? Call me.


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