Home for the holidays

9 11 2007

It is so cool to be home for the holidays this year. For the past few years, I have been working right up until the day before the holiday. That just doesn’t leave much time to prep dinner or even to shop for all the fixins so Ed and I usually scramble for a restaurant that doesn’t require reservations. I am usually tired and kinda grumpy. I never know what time I am going to drag my exhausted behind out of the bed because film producers like to work the crew until the last squeezable moment before they have to start paying holiday time. Thus the tired and grumpy qualities.  Not this year though. I am free!!! Broke but free and happy.

I have ordered our organic turkey and organic green bean casserole from my food co-op. (OK, I am not completely broke.) I make a killer stuffing and gravy to go with it all and, being the former Plymouth girl that I am, Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Mmmmmm.

Ed and I will start the day off with coffee and pastry of some sort while I get the bird stuffed and in the oven. Then, we will watch some of the Thanksgiving Day parade while the house fills up with the mouth watering smell of turkey cooking. This portion of the morning is usually spent in our PJs. Ahhh, bliss.

The Kling’s go to Nancy’s family for Thanksgiving dinner and, traditionally, come to our house in the evening for hot turkey sandwiches and pinochle. What a perfect way to end the day!!

If you are in the neighborhood, come on over. We will have plenty of good food to share and the coffe is always on. You may want to call first so we can get out of our PJs. {:>)



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9 11 2007

I can’t wait till thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!! It’s my favorite. It makes me happy that you get to relax and enjoy it this year. For the record…. I love having you home.


10 11 2007

Msn, why can’t we come for pinochle? It’s been ages since we had anyone to play cards with. Though really, Neal and I are bridge players. My folks tried to teach me pinochle when I was young, but I don’t think my dad could teach a rooster to crow. His idea of instruction is to smile smugly when you make a mistake. He’s probably one of those people who believes you teach kids to swim by throwing them in the deep end and smoking a cigarette while waiting to see if they drown or not.


11 11 2007

Hi Girlfriend!

Ican’t wait for Thanksgiving! You know I think you make the best dressing in the world! Don’t forget to make lots of gravy! I love that too!

I must admit that the picture of “SWEET PEA” is adorable. Check out the latest posting to Becky’s blog and you’ll see what I am spending my time doing now. I can’t get enough of looking at that sweet pea! She really loves to laugh at her granny kaye! By the way, I am spending this Sunday night with little Natalie and myself alone!!!! Yes! I’m babysitting. Just the two of us! Life is good!!!!!!!!

See you soon! Save a seat for us at the Thanksgiving night pinochle dinner! Love you and love to read your blog!

Your most bestest girlfriend!


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