Reality check

24 10 2007

Alright, I admit I have become engrossed in some reality tv. This is akin to sin in my profession, none the less, I sit in front of the TV on Tuesday evenings, switching channels between The Biggest Loser and the voting off of a couple on Dancing with the Stars. I love that Dancing is a live show. If it were not, we would never have seen sweet Marie Osmond faint, dead away, on the floor on national TV. She still managed to look sweet, by the way, in a heap on the floor. She appeared to be fine on last night’s show. I always liked Marie.

BUT…. Oh my, what a turn of events on BL!!! Human nature fascinates me. Living my whole life with feelings of rejection and not being worthy of someones loyalty and love is, no doubt, the reason that I watch life with the eyes that I do. And, WOW, what these eyes saw last night. It would take far too long to go into all the events that led up to last night’s episode so I will attempt to paint you a snapshot picture of the debacle that haunts me today.

We are into week 5 or 6 of the contest and this week they split up the teams that had all begun together. Now, the teams consist of 3 members each and not everyone is happy about the break up. Apparently, the former blue team made a pact with each other that they would do everything possible to make sure that a blue team member would be the winner in the end. Not an awful thing to think, maybe even a bit noble. Oh nay-nay.

One of the blue team, Neal, has been put on the team with 2 former black team members. It was a tough week with a lot of drama going on and every contestant had their struggles. The trainers are amazing to me. They attempt to push these dis-functional fatties into a healthy lifestyle by teaching, nurturing or demanding, whatever the need may be. I respect the trainers for their ethics and desire to see unhealthy folks acquire healthy living skills and thereby not die an early death due to complications from obesity. I admire the courage of the Losers. They push themselves beyond what they think they are capable of and discover great, positive things about themselves along the way. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to take off your shirt on national TV and let the world see what 100 lbs of over-weight looks like on you. These folks inspire me in my constant weight struggle and help me to see positive things in myself too.

The weigh in is the coup de gra. The team that loses the lowest percentage of weight has to eliminate a team member. The catch is that all the other teams get to vote who should be voted off the losing team.

Neal decided to sandbag the results of the weigh in by drinking 2 gallons of water right before. He gained 16 pounds!!! That put his group of 3 in the position of having to lose a member. Blue team members who are now in other groups were all in on this plan and they made sure that Neal would be safe by voting off one of the other memebers of his team. I hope you are following this because this is astounding to me how many people are affected by this dishonest, conniving behavior. The poor guy that got voted off is the one who formed the teams and, unwittingly, brought Neal onto his team thinking he would gain an advantage. Betrayed at the end. Every contestant is realizing the GAME just took on a new twist. Neal is the shnook that brought it to another level. I am so mad at him you would think he was a relative! (joke) Everyone else in the GAME caught on to the rouse and, trainers and contestants alike, have voiced a disdain for what he has done. Neal’s defense is that this is a GAME and the GAME is on. Let’s just say, Neal is not going to win the popularity vote. His trainer, Bob, was so mad that he had to be bleeped a few times before he stormed out of the room. He felt betrayed and that his integrity had been compromised. One other trainer told him he disgusted her because he was messing with peoples lives. Ouch! 

Soooo, life lesson anyone??

  • Be careful of the promises you make and the oaths you take, no matter how valliant they sound at the time.
  • If you are thinking of doing something under-handed, consider how many other people will be affected.
  • Your character is who you really are. Your reputation is merely who people think you are.
  • I have been Neal.
  • I would like to think that I could not be Neal again.
  • If I were the guy voted off and Neal repented, how long would it take me to forgive?
  • If Neal never repented, how long would it take me to forgive?
  • The world is full of Neals. I don’t like that I believe this last one.

Leave me some of your thoughts on this one. I think it is chock full of life lessons. I will be right in front of the tube next Tuesday to see how it plays out.



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