9 10 2007

I love coffee in the morning!

Look PA, I did this w/out a Mac. Just teasing because I am a little jealous of your Mac.

Lately, I have been thinking about relationships. Family, friends, co-workers and church family.

My marriage is my most important relationship for sure. Ed and I can finish each others sentences and sometimes, read each others minds. That can be scary but it is so good to have a human who knows me so well and loves me anyway. We made a commitment to each other that, no matter what, we would stick by each other until the end. We turned that promise into a covenant when we invited Jesus to be the Head of our marriage. Now, 25 years later, we are still devoted to seeing the best in one another and sacrificing our own wants for our partners wants and needs. Aw, we don’t get it right every day and in every situation, but we just keep trucking. It is a difficult thing, to put someone else before your self; some days it seems like trial and error. Mostly error.

When I decided to go on the interferon/ribaviron treatment for Hepatitis C, Ed was behind my decision 110%. It meant me taking meds that had me sick, listless, depressed and grumpy for 6 months. Then came another 6 months of recovery time. The man is a saint! I lost 35 pounds and 50% of my hair. As I would lay on the couch, near tears because even my skin hurt, he would tell me I was beautiful and that he loved me. Every day! He prayed over me every night too. He was my rock. I love you and I trust you with my life Eddie.

That was in 2003. My Pastor prayed over me at the end of my treatments and he asked the Lord to go further than putting me in remission, which is what the doctors told me my results could be. My Pastor had faith to believe and ask the Lord to wipe the hepatitis out of my system entirely and completely heal me. Today, I am still Hep free and my doctors have declared me healed. Hallelujah! I love You and I trust You with my life Jesus.

Family and friends were also praying for me during that time. Fawn called and prayed with me over the phone sometimes. What a blessing to have a kiddo who knows God. Some folks sent me cards, plants or flowers. We went to a small group pretty regularly and shared some sweet fellowship and more prayer. (Hey, faith and prayer are two of the highest common denominators in sick people getting well.) Other friends came over to play cards with me and Ed, even though my mind was so affected that I forgot what a pinochle was. My partner would shake her head sometimes at the cards I would play, but I knew she loved me anyway. She is my best friend. The day that I decided that she was a keeper was also set around a health issue.

Maybe I will go into that one next time. I don’t want to sound like one of the old folks at the nursing home telling hospital stories. “Wanna see my scar from my last surgery?” No thanks.



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