Got humor?

5 10 2007

I love to laugh. I love the sound of real, bone tickling laughter. I hold the dubious distinction of making one of my co-workers laugh so hard that she wet her pants. I love that! And she didn’t even get mad about it.
I have discovered that I like redneck humor. Who would have thunk it? One of my favorite comedians has to be Larry the Cable Guy. I know, right? Some of his humor can be off color but the observations he makes about life and the humor he pulls out of those observations resonate with me until I am laughing my butt off. The topics he finds humor in are real life, every day situations. When he starts one of his stories, I find myself nodding my little bobble head in understanding agreement with family relationships or shopping experiences. Yep, got an uncle just like that or mm hm, seen that before. And then I am bellowing at the punch line. He wraps up some of his funniest stories by saying, “I don’t care who you are. That right there is funny.”
Sometimes it helps me to cope when I can see the humor in human nature. We all have our foibles. Like the propensity I have to worry about things every now and then. For instance, this week I was thinking, “have I lost my mind to turn down every possible job on the horizon that didn’t turn me down first?” “Will I ever work on a film again?” “What if I can’t keep my health insurance?” These are the thoughts folks, and that spells w-o-r-r-y.
God speaks to me in ways that I can understand and sometimes He makes me laugh out loud. Today He said:
“I don’t care who you are. This right here is truth;
Who of you can add a single hour to your life by worrying?”
Can’t say that I am bellowing in agreement, but I do get the point.



2 responses

6 10 2007

Thanks..I needed to hear that today.


8 10 2007

That’s right. Worrying never did any good. Psalms 9:10 in the New Century Version says “Those who know the Lord trust him, because he will not leave those who come to him.” He will take care of you.


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