Hump day brain dump

26 09 2007

Butterflies in my stomach when I sit in front of this computer to blog. I am so concerned that I am going to say something dumb that will be read by people. Then I will become known as a dork and doomed to eternal dorkdom. It is like the toothpaste being squeezed out of the tube. Once it is out, you can’t put it back in. Once the dorky thought is made known you can’t put it back into the privacy of your brain. I just looked at PA’s blog and saw the photo of 2 of our Pastors. I guess I am OK, no matter what I say here. So, having used my disclaimer, here is my hump day brain dump.

  • You can’t poke your mind’s eye out so be careful what you look at.
  • Ed has officially begun the retirement process. He will keep a couple of small cleaning jobs and the carpet business going. I am so proud of him.
  • God does not make junk. I am a blessed and highly favored woman of God.
  • Today, Sept. 26, is the eleven year anniversary since my Mom went home to Jesus.
  • He really is the hound of heaven. Thank You Jesus for never giving up on my Mom. She received Jesus as her Savior at age 72.
  • Forgive.
  • I am a blessed and highly favored child of God.
  • There is a job out there for me.
  • Doing hair excites me.
  • I want to go to Tigi Academy and take a class.
  • I am excited about our upcoming Christmas production at the Rock. We have the talent and the resources we need to touch the hearts of people for Christ.
  • Imagine Christmas.
  • Make it a great day.
  • Be creative.



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