21 09 2007
  • Some people claim that A.D.D. is just an excuse to be flaky. Oh look, a chicken.
  • If a person constantly overeats could they be suffering from anorexia dyslexia?
  • Dogs rule. They get us to feed them, walk them, play with them and snuggle with them and we still think we are their masters.
  • I am learning that even in my fifties, I am still learning.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, sky diving is not for you.

Things I never thought I would hear my husband say:

I was working at turning the soil in my garden so that I could prep it for fall planting. Using my hoe, I decided to make it a work out and very soon was into aerobic mode. Ed came out behind me and said, “You are a very good hoer.”

“Umm, er… thanks honey.”



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