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20 09 2007

I am still surprised when it happens.

I sat down to begin my new blog 2 hours ago. Since it is a rainy, middle of the week day, I figured it would be easy to just sit at the computer and jot down some thoughts. It took me a long time to write my profile and find the one picture that best defines who I am.

My black lab mix, Bella, came into the room to let me know she needed to go out. Ever the dutiful master, I arise and let her out the back door. I am one step away from the computer room when the buzzer goes off, informing me that my clothes are dry. I could leave them in the dryer until I am finished writing but then they would be wrinkled and I would have to drag out the dreaded ironing board. It’ll just take 5 minutes to hang them up.

Bella is barking to be let back in. She is sopping wet and needs to be dried off with the big, blue towel that we leave by the back door on rainy days. Just who is the master in this relationship? She is standing in front of her empty food bowl, looking alternately at the bowl and then at me. I will just dump some food in her bowl so she will settle in.

Now my stomach is growling, reminding me that I haven’t eaten yet today. I make a quick salad and as I reach up to grab the rice crackers I notice the humming of my cell phone alerting me that I have a text waiting for me. My friend wants me to email her something. I decide THAT can certainly wait until I have entered my first blog.

All settled into my computer room and writing typing away, my husband walks in with a cheery “hello” that scares me to death. Then he sweetly asks if he can read over my shoulder. I guess I am done writing for now.

How come I feel like I didn’t accomplish much today? There goes the buzzer to tell me that my sheets are dry.



3 responses

20 09 2007

I am so impressed!!!!
You got all that done and put up a blog… you ROCK. OK – I’m subscribed. Keep em comin’! Love ya!


20 09 2007
bryan mcgee

WOOHOO! Another ROCKER joining the blogosphere. We love you and Ed!

God blessed us beyond words when He brought you guys to The ROCK!


20 09 2007

You crack me up…sounds like how things go for me, only you realized it was happening. I usually get to the end of the day and remembered I started somthing that morning but never finished it!


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